Full Form Of Friend, Friend Full Form, What Is The Full Form OF Friend?

We search for a friend full form Or full form of friend, but a friend is a complete word in itself, yet by adding all the words in English, we describe it in certain words like Friend – Few relation in earth never die. Some people define it a little differently. Like first relation in earth never die,



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Apart from our family, our special person with whom we can share our happiness and sorrow with whom we still feel like our family, we call that relationship a friend, a good and true friend, by making us free from any stress and anxiety. Laughing can increase our happiness fold by joining our happiness and can also help us in our loss and crisis by helping us,  As many of the world’s biggest problems such as terrorism, poverty, illiteracy, pandemics, covid-19, racism, violence, unemployment, we can easily eliminate everyone by becoming friends, for example, the greatest social networking of friendship and trillions of people share their happiness with each other and this is the power of friendship.

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Unity in diversity is the specialty of friendship – a short story or true story to understand this – today there is Covid-19 disease in the whole world for which no medicine or vaccine is yet ready for treatment, which causes great harm. Recently, President of United States of America Donald Trump asked his most important friend country India to be hydroxychloroquine as a friendship and India also paid a lot of quantity of hydroxychloroquine to America by playing the duty of friendship. It is a matter of true friendship.

It is said that a good friend is better than a thousand medicines – there are many such stories of friendship in Hinduism which are very brilliant, like the stories of Lord Shri Krishna and poor Sudama, Hanuman ji with Lord Shri Ram ji, Jamwant ji And the brother of Rama, the biggest enemy of Sri Ram, was the friend of Shri Ram himself.


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