Full form of PDF is Portable Document Format

In today’s article, we will tell you what is the PDF full form?  What is a PDF file? How to make it? So after reading this article, you will get the answers to all the questions related to PDF, so read this article in its entirety.

The full form of PDF is “Portable Document Format”.

Portable Document Copy (PDF) This is an extension of the theme that Adobe developed in 1993 for document delivery in general, and in this case copying text and images, in a streamlined way, to device applications and programs. Regardless. Based on the PostScript language, the entire PDF file is defined, and its description is completely flat on a certain document, with the same text, fonts, images, bitmap images and other important information.

Adobe PDF files – abbreviated for portable document format files – are one of the most popular file types today. If you have ever downloaded a printable form or document from the Internet, such as an IRS tax form, chances are it was a PDF. When you see a file ending in .pdf, it is a PDF file.



Uses of PDF

PDF document file full name portable document file, which will convert your file into a readable file like text file, image, word document, etc. In a readable file. Then, you can send this file anywhere with the help of the internet and you can read it, but to read the PDF file you need a PDF reader software only then you can open these types of files.

You can open PDF files on any device such as laptop, mobile, tablet, Internet etc. You can open PDF files easily, for this program comes Adobe PDF Reader which is completely free. Very small PDF file size, it compresses your file. You can use PDF for printing and electronic signature.

Suppose you created a newsletter in Microsoft Word and shared it as a docs file. , What is the default file format for Word documents. If everyone does not have Microsoft Word installed on their computer, there is no guarantee that they will be able to open and view the newspaper. And since Word documents need to be edited, there is an option to change some formatting and text in your document. In contrast, PDF files are primarily for viewing, not for editing. One of the reasons they are so popular is that PDFs can save document formatting, make them more sneaky and help them look the same on every device. Sharing your newsletter as a PDF will help ensure that everyone can view it the way you want.

How Can You Create a PDF file?


Install pdf generator

If you want to create an image document, text file or Word file as a PDF file, then you must first install the program on your computer or laptop and it is free, it is called PDF Creator, you can click this program here Can be downloaded. PDF Creator after installing it on your computer and then open it.

Now click on PDF Creator

After installing the PDF file on your computer, open it and after opening it, you will get the PDF Creator option, then you need to click on it

Creator of pdf

Now select the file to convert to PDF.

Now you need to select the file that you want to create as a PDF file or you can also drag and drop it which means that you can move the file and place it directly in the black screen square.

Now click on the save icon

Once you select all the files you want to convert to a PDF file, it will automatically convert your file to a PDF file. Now you need to save your PDF file. After this you have to click on the save icon.

After that your PDF file (PDF file) will be created, and then you can open it and read it, but for this you have to install PDF reader on your computer

How to create a PDF File in Mobile?


Mobile is such a device that everyone has, and can be taken anywhere, let’s also tell you how to create a PDF file by using mobile.

By the way, to make PDF File on mobile , you will find many Apps on Play Store, but you should download PDF’s company Adobe’s application to create PDF File.

You will find Adobe Acrobat on both iOS and Android platforms, you can also download it from your mobile App Store. Or you can use other apps by downloading it like Google Docs,WPS office, PDF maker, Cam Scanner, PDF creator, PDF Converter etc.



How to edit a PDF file?

You can edit your PDF file, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the website PDF Pro.

First of all go to the website of PDF pro

  • Click To Upload Your File.

Now upload your PDF file by clicking on the Upload Button.

  • Click on file.

Now click on the PDF file that you want to edit.

  • Click edit.

Now a new page will open in front of you, click on Edit in it.

How to resize your pdf file?


  • First of all, you go to the website of PDFcompressor.Com, or you can also go directly to its website from the given link.
  • Now click on the Button of Upload Files. Select the PDF file you want to resize. You can also drag and drop the file here.
  • After selecting the file, the file will start uploading automatically. And after uploading, your file resize will start after a while.
  • After resize, you will have the option to download. By clicking on the Download button, you can download the resized PDF file.

How to convert PDF File into Word?


We can also convert PDF files from Google to Word. To convert PDF file from Google into Word follow the steps given below:

  • First you need to go to Google Drive.
  • After going to Google’s site, now you click on the Sign In button in the Right Side. And log in to your Google Account.
  • After login to Google Account, click on Icon of Dots on the Right Side. Then click on Drive.
  • Now Google Drive page will open in front of you, in this you click on My Drive and then click on Upload File.
  • Now select your PDF file which is to be converted into a Word file. And click on Open.
  • After the file is uploaded to Google Drive, select that file and click on the Icon of the gear on the right side and click on Setting in the Option.
  • As soon as you click on Setting, a popup of Setting will appear in front of you, in which you tick in front of Convert Uploaded Files to Google Docs Editor Format. And click on the Done button.
  • Now your PDF file will be converted and a new file will come there. Now right click on that new file. And select Open With and Google Docs.
  • New File >> Right Click >> Open With >> Google Docs
  • Now your file will open in Google Docs. To download it in a Word Document, click on File in the Menu. Then select Microsoft Word in Download As.
  • File >> Download As >> Microsoft Word

In this way, you can easily convert any PDF file into a Word Document using Google Drive.

Benefits Of PDF file

  • As its name itself is a portable word, it means that it is very easy to move it from one place to another.
  • A PDF file can be protected with a password. Nowadays any document can be converted to PDF with the help of PDF converter.
  • And can be opened on any device such as computer and mobile.
  • Printing PDF is very easy, even both Sides and Booklet Printing you can do PDF easily.
  • A PDF file can store very large documents in very small sizes.

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