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The SSLC full form is a Secondary School Leaving Certificate. SSLC is a certificate that students get when they complete high school level. It is generally an aptitude test that is most popular in India for enrolling in high school. Students can usually pass the Grade 10 General Examination after passing the Grade 10 board exam.

SSLC stands for Secondary School Leaving Certificate. It is an intermediate certificate of completion given by schools after the student successfully completes the examination in the final phase of study at the high school level in India. Intermediate education is commonly known as Matriculation or Tenth class Examination in India. Students can get SSLC after passing Grade 10 board examination.

In the international market, SSLC is common and a common eligibility test as well as in some states of India, particularly Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The SSLC certificate is used as the primary proof of date of birth during a period when registration of death and birth is not mandatory in India. For those born before 1989, their 10th admit card is proof of DOB. SSLC is popular in the international market and is a general qualification test in several states in India.

In India schooling is classified into three groups


Primary education: The first five years of a child’s education are known as basic education or primary schooling.

Secondary education: This study was conducted over the next five years, from sixth grade to tenth grade. This is known as secondary education.

Secondary or pre-university courses: These are the last two years of schooling, from 10th grade to 12th grade, after completing primary and secondary school. Subsequently, a student can apply for graduate programs up to undergraduate colleges and universities.

Education opportunity after SSLC Examination

  • After obtaining SSLC grade, a student can qualify for high school or pre-university school which is commonly referred to in India as +2 education sector.
  • After passing the 12th standard examination, students can apply for a bachelor’s degree program at any university as per the student’s choice.
  • On the other hand, after obtaining the SSLC, the student chooses or agrees to enroll in a technical training college, where the person can be a good fit for a professional career.
  • Other options include joining the College of Applied Arts for a three-year engineering degree program and then pursuing a pre-engineering degree.
  • There are opportunities for a student to enter a professional education program after completing SSLC.
  • SSLC or similar is required for business purposes to obtain a passport under the Government of India.


Future after getting SSLC


After obtaining SSLC, students can enroll for pre-university courses or high school courses known as +2 education in India. On successful completion of the twelfth semester examinations, he can apply for a bachelor’s degree program at any university of his interest.

Science stream: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Computer Science stream: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science

Commerce stream: Business Maths, Economics etc.

Alternatively, upon obtaining SSLC, students may decide to attend or choose industrial training institutes where they can be trained in basic skills for a technical career. Other options include attending the College of Applied Arts for a three-year course from the Diploma in Engineering program and then obtaining a previous degree in engineering. Once a student completes SSLC, there is a possibility of taking a vocational education course. For business purposes these days an SSLC or its equivalent is required to obtain a passport under the Government of India.

SSLC in Kerala


SSLC or Class 10 exam is conducted by KSEB (Kerala Public Education Council) for all its affiliated schools and issues Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) for the students who qualify for it. The examination is conducted in the following subjects:

Physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, social science, mother tongue (English, Malayalam, etc.), second and third languages ​​(Hindi, GK). The exam takes place in March and the results are declared in May.

SSLC in Karnataka

KSEEB (Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Council), behind 1964, is responsible for conducting SSLC and other examinations in the state of Karnataka. Every year around 8-9 students register for the KSEEB SSLC exam which is usually taken in April. The results will be announced in July.

SSLC in Tamil Nadu


The Directorate of Public School Examinations was established in 1975 with the main responsibility of conducting examinations for students in grades 10 and 12. In 2011, the State School Examination Board was formed by merging the Secondary Education Council and the Secondary Examination Board. Senior to conduct SSLC examination. About 9 to 10 lakh students take the Tamil Nadu SSLC General Examination every year. The examinations are held in March / April.

Importance of SSCL

When birth and death registration is not required in India, SSLC authentication is used as the main structure to verify the date of birth. According to the MEA website people born before 1989 are still a legal form of legal verification for Indian civil authorities to issue civil documents such as passports.


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